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Planet Defense: Arcterris

язык - en
размер 800x600 пикс.
дата создания игры
- 2012-02-25


Defend your icy planet from the onslaught of deadly forest trees.

Planet Defense: Arcterris is a tower defense style game that requires offensive tactics to win. You control a small ship that can build towers and capture bases. Defend your base from the onslaught of enemies to avoid losing, but to win you must capture the enemy's bases!

This is the second game in the Planet Defense series.




{"fire": "left_mouse", "jump": "na", "movement": "wasd"}

Ключевые слова

action, aliens, arcterris, defense, en, ice, lasers, planet, real-time, robots, sci-fi, ship, shooting, snow, strategy, tower, trees

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