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Fırıldak Ailesi

язык - en
размер 800x600 пикс.
дата создания игры
- 2013-01-27


Pinwheel Family Star TV screens, which will be launched very soon, a series of children. In order to start the game that will appeal to adults have wait for the completion of the installation. Will appear at the bottom right of entry after installation by clicking on the Play Game Comments on Start and then clicking on and immediately start arriving. Using the left button of your mouse by clicking on the red button located at the bottom part of the puzzle to the right place immediately after the call and you call putting a new piece. Have fun trying to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible in the game.




{"fire": "left_mouse", "jump": "na", "movement": "na"}

Ключевые слова

en, puzzle game, skill game


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